Testimonials from our students at Forever Lasting Beauty 

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My name is Won, I’m the owner of Belmont Beauty Salon in Belmont Ca. I trained with Forever Lasting Beauty September 7,2018 and I am speechless about this institute. I took the 5 Day Master Class, that includes Microblading, Ombre and Permanent Makeup. I had complete hands on as I was promised. My teacher CeCe Cervantes went beyond the master class, she included at no cost the correctional eyebrow class, she brought me a model to showed me how to correct black eyebrows, I started it and finished it, on top of that she also included the advanced eyeliner class , CeCe brought me a model and showed me how to tattoo the second line above the black eyeliner without me making any mistake. This is totally the best and I’m serious the best institute anyone can be taught. We all need to really have hands on in order to learn and not be scared one’s we are on our own and Forever Lasting Beauty is definitely the one to make us feel totally secure about ourselves. Many thanks to you CeCe and your wonderful staff.



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Training Class 2016 -Hayward, CA  Training Class March 2017, Denver, CO

I had a great experience with Forever Lasting Beauty.  I traveled from my home in Aurora, Colorado to take the permanent makeup classes (Permanent Makeup and Microblading) on February 2016. I had called first and received great customer service. They answered all my questions in a very professional manner. The class was everything they said, I worked on real models. The first 2 days I learned lips, shaded eyebrows and eyeliner. The last two days I learned 3 different techniques of microblading eyebrows on live models. Every dollar I invested in my training with Forever Lasting Beauty was well worth it. I also got to meet the owner CeCe Cervantes–she was very sweet and professional”.

After the great experience I had with Forever Lasting Beauty back in February 2016, when I heard they were coming to teach in Denver in March 2017, I called CeCe to ask if she could teach me the Advanced Class. CeCe went out of  her schedule to make it happen… She started her First Class at 7:00am – 3:00pm then continue with my class at 3:30pm-11:00pm. This is a woman that I truly admire for her hard work and the dedication she has for every single student… I admire you and respect you CeCe!

Jessica Cervantes



Microblading Class in Denver ColoradoPaty Tapia Alves

Patty Alves Tapia

I live in Denver Colorado and traveled to take the permanent makeup training class November 2016 with Forever Lasting Beauty.  It was a wonderful experience learning on live models as they promised. I did brows, eyeliner and full lips.

I left that class with so much experience and jam packed of information.  They were all so professional with great customer service. I then took the microblading eyebrow training class with them here in Denver Colorado in March 2017 . “I highly recommend Forever Lasting Beauty”.





Rafaela Bailon

My name is Rafaela Bailon, I live in the Sacramento, Ca, I called Forever Lasting Beauty in December 2016 to inquire about a private class. CeCe the owner answer the phone, she was very professional and kind. She answered all my questions and by the end of our conversation I was totally convince to sign up for the private microblading class. I had a great wonderful experience learning on live models as CeCe promised. I did 3 different techniques of microblading eyebrows . I left the class with so much experience and lots of information to take home. CeCe and staff were all so professional with great customer service. The company’s quote is completely true. “When it comes to the leader in permanent makeup; there is only one company that will serve you “forever” Forever Lasting Beauty.





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Jesica Tapia Valdez


Thank you CeCe and Bianca for coming to Denver Colorado March 25, 2017 to teach us all. Amazing training with all the hands on we had with real live models. I learn so much from the both of you! I will definitely recommend Forever Lasting Beauty.




Microblading ClassMicroblading TrainingMicroblading training

Lindsey Hershon / Microblading Class March 22, 2017 – Denver Colorado

I want to take a moment to thank Lindsey so much from the bottom of my heart for her beautiful message. Remember, it has been your hard work that you have put in to learn and better yourself!  The wonderful journey has just begun!

CeCe Cervantes-Owner




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Marjorie Mendonce      ( San Francisco – Bay Area)

April 7 2017; I had the best experience with Forever Lasting Beauty  CeCe has a great big heart, she listened patiently 30 minutes  on the phone while I was talking to her on the phone. CeCe touched her heart and gave me a great price for two classes ( Permanent Makeup and Microblading). Very professional lady in the field of permanent makeup. Bianca surprised me with all her knowledge experience at her young age, amazing Instructor and amazing training!Thank you so much to the both of you!



Microblading Training ClassMicroblading and Shaded in BrowsPermanent Makeup training Classes

May 5, 2017

Sonja Garcia — took two classes microblading and shaded in brows, drove from Reedly, CA. 

Thank you so much for your kind words, Sonja. I feel very blessed and honored to be part of your journey.

CeCe Cervantes-Proud Owner of Forever Lasting Beauty