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Microblading and Permanent Makeup Training Classes

//Microblading and Permanent Makeup Training Classes

Forever Lasting Beauty stands out from other Institutes… Our training classes are the “BEST” in the Bay Area and Nationwide… we provide the best hands on training available to give students all the tools and confidence to launch their careers in the art of permanent makeup.

We also offer our students a “refresher” class free if you feel you need a bit more training. Forever Lasting Beauty will allow a student to take a second class (same one as the original class) at no additional cost (free class must be taken within 90 days of students original class). This offer ensures the student more training if needed and that leads to more success for them. Forever Lasting Beauty prides itself in the best training available for our students–we care!

Cosmetic technicians fly in from all around the world to attend our training classes. We teach you how to be successful in this great profession. We put our heart and soul into these classes; we’re here for you during and after training. We believe there is nothing more rewarding than helping our student to be the best that they can be.

What separates us from other schools and makes us the best?
We believe that the most efficient and cost effective way to learn permanent makeup is for our students to perform cosmetic tattooing procedures on live models (not mannequins). This approach is the best and quickest way to learn and give you the hands on real world experience you need to start working immediately. We can assure you that our classes will leave you with the satisfaction and confidence to excel in the field of permanent makeup.