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Clients will have only temporary restrictions, right after the procedure. Do not swim or steam areas until healed. A shower is recommended over a bath. Touch the treated area only with clean hands. No makeup until area is healed. Do not  pick, scrub or scratch treated area. Follow any additional directions from your technicians.

Procedure area will look darker than the color desire. It will soften in 5 to 7 days depending on how fast your skin heals.

For eyeliner expect the eye to be tender for 1-2 days. You can do the following if area is swollen after the procedure, apply an ice pack.

Brows will also be tender for 1-2 days. Color will appear dark for 5-6 days, then it will soften up to 50%.

Lips will take longer to heal. The color will be extremely bright for 7-8 days then fade to no color and reappear after 3-6 weeks. Apply an ice pack if area is swollen after procedure.


Eyebrows and eyeliner waiting time is 4 weeks, it takes longer for lips about 6 weeks. Any premature touch-up can result in scarring, is highly recommend to wait. Infection can occur in skin that has tendency to break out easily, or in the treated skin of a client who did not follow the after-care instructions.

Procedure time can vary with different clients. The actual procedure takes approximately 40-50 minutes. However, allow extra time for preliminaries, such as anesthetic waiting time, establishing a design that will fit the shape of your face and creating the color formula.

All clients have different kind of skin sensitivity and may experience some swelling. However, most applications look great immediately after the procedure. We have great anesthetic that will reduce the pain or no pain at all.

Reactions to pigment are “Not” common. We do a patch test prior to any procedure. As with any procedure where topical ointments or anesthetics are used a allergic reaction may occur if the patient is allergic to certain ingredients; such as lidocaine, however most clients would know if there have been any previous reactions before. It’s also a good time for the technician to explain the process in general, and to secure a signed release before performing any patch tests prior to the procedure. The most common complaints are aesthetics in nature. Make sure the client approves of the shape, thickness and color prior to starting procedure. Clients should always inform their doctor if they have or plan to get cosmetic tattoos. If Client has gotten laser treatment in the past, color can turn out dark or black color. Collagen and pigments do not mix well.

Client should avoid caffeine prior to procedure. Caffeine is a stimulant.

Getting a procedure during your period can make you hyper-sensitive.

If a client knows their skin is sensitive, blisters easily or have a history of cold sores, they must receive preparatory treatment at least 7 days before lip procedure. Client should start prescribed medication such as Zovarix or Lysine. It’s necessary to do a preventive care a few days before the procedure.

Client should first check with their physician prior to procedure if they have severe diabetes, hepatitis or heart problems.

The art of tattooing and permanent makeup has been proven to be safe through time and have been practiced for centuries. Permanent Decisions Pigments are manufactured using the highest quality ingredients, they are smooth, alcohol free and approved by the European Union under Sanitary registrations 220-PE through 226-PE in Spain. Be wary of counterfeit products which have not met safety standards. Permanent Decisions products and our line of pigments meet all guidelines.

Permanent cosmetic is a tattoo and will soften in time. Duration of permanent makeup depends on the depth of needle penetration during the procedure, exposure to sunlight; skin type and after-care are determining factors in achieving lasting results. It’s very important that clients follow all instructions carefully so that their makeup color can last several years. We recommend that you get a touch-up every few years as necessary.

Permanent cosmetic is also known as micro pigmentation, is a process of implanting cosmetic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. Permanent makeup is used for a variety of enhancements, to improve one’s appearance and save time. You’ll look your best. The common areas where permanent makeup is performed are on brows, eyeliner and lip.