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Majestic Machine w/Foot Pedal

//Majestic Machine w/Foot Pedal
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Majestic Machine w/Foot Pedal

$250.00 $210.00

The Majestic machine has variable speed switch in the machine body, which allows quick and easy adjustments. Using the foot pedal is a great way to control your machine, by stopping as needed without clicking the on and off button.



La Maquina Majestic es diseñada con una velocidad variable que proporciona un ajuste cercano rápido y fácil. El pedal controla la maquina para cuando quiera parar o seguir.

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Majestic machine is very easy to handle and light weight as well the foot pedal. Machine can be use with foot pedal or without. The foot pedal makes it easy to control the on and off.

All 4 parts of accessories are disposable. Machine comes with stainless steel sleeve that can be use instead of the plastic sleeve.

Machine comes with, foot pedal, adapter and a small sample package of assorted needles and accessories.

6 month warranty.




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